First I would like to say welcome to my blog, What you are looking for… Through my posts I hope to share some of the exquisite experiences that I embark on and provide you with insightful recommendations.

I am a young professional living in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch.
Stellenbosch is a town tucked in wine country.
I want to explore my surroundings like a tourist as there is so much to see and experience that locals tend to overlook, if I am fortunate enough I might even be able to post a few posts that are international.

I am passionate about experiencing all the wonders around me and I hope that through my posts I can share some of my passions with you.
I will cover a range of topics including traveling, restaurants to visit, wine to try, ambiances that will inspire and things to do at the places I visit.

I am not a creative writer by trade but I hope my posts will convey my excitement and inspire you to be a tourist in your area.

I will introduce you to what you are looking for…

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