Babylonstoren – It’s a lifestyle


You will find the beautiful Babylonstoren on the Klapmuts Simondium Road. This Estate offers you so much more than you are prepared for, so I would suggest that you plan your day if you want to get to everything in one trip.
This post will only look at the Tasting Room and the newly opened Scented Room on Babylonstoren.

Babylonstoren is a vast estate that preserved the historic Cape Dutch architecture in a manner that is admirable and functional in todays society. The beauty of these historic buildings will welcome you as soon as you enter the estate grounds.


I believe the style of the tasting room was a strike of genius architecture, nestled between two old Cape Dutch buildings is a stunning contemporary glass structure that serves as the tasting room. This tasting room is in direct contrast to the surrounding buildings but in some way it all just works together.

The tasting room offers stunning views over the estate and the strikingly green bar/service area blends perfectly with the lush green vineyards. It is modern, welcoming and absolutely stunning.

The tasting room offers several wine tasting options to compliment your experience and whether you decide to taste three or six wines you will not be disappointed. Like the estate I find their wines to be unique. The gem of the wine tasting for me was the 2018 Mourvèdre Rosé (this coming from someone that does not generally drink Rosé). The 2018 Mourvèdre Rosé has the most beautiful blush colouring, has hints of red fruits and a light acidity that gives it a fresh feel.

To enhance the experience the the tasting room offers delicious platters for two.
The platter I enjoyed was the Winemaker’s Platter that consists of duck liver pâté, biltong, droëwors, Dalewood huguenot and brie, marinated baby tomato salad and homemade preserve. The platter was beautifully plated, colourful and delectable.

Directly across from the Tasting room and cellar is the new Scent Room.
As soon as you enter you are welcomed with different scents like blood orange, lavender, orange blossom, rose and green fig.

The scent room has stunning displays of their products and offers you the opportunity to test the creams and sprays that you can purchase. Additional to the scent range they also stock some of the Babylonstoren items for a finer lifestyle like their beautifully printed table cloths,  napkins and aprons.

Babylonstoren’s scent room offers you some the finer things in life.
What you experience is more a lifestyle to strive to than just a visit to an estate shop.

I will definitely be back to post more about the exceptional gardens, sustainability and their restaurants.

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