History Rich Vergelegen

If you are looking for a day trip with your family over the holidays Vergelegen would be a perfect choice.

Vergelegen is one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa and even though it has changed owners over the years the history has been well preserved. This history rich estate will captivate you and there are staff on site to inform you of the history behind each building. There is also a lot online to read about the history of the estate.

Today I visited Stables at Vergelegen. This is a bistro inspired restaurant that is family friendly but has a contemporary and sophisticated feel. There are spacious seating inside and outside both with stunning views.

The menu whether breakfast or lunch is very generous and you will find something that will satisfy your craving.
Stables restaurant has a kiddies menu and a large play area outside that dreams are made of.

I was lucky enough to have visited Vergelegen Stables twice in a short period of time one for breakfast and one for lunch. From the breakfast menu there are quite a few standouts like the Bacon & Avo Breakfast, the Flap Jacks and of course their Eggs Benedict. A lunch winner that I tried was their Butter Chicken Sandwich, not to spicy but very fragrant. All of their meals are well prepared and beautifully presented.
The staff at Stables are friendly and helpful.

After your meal you will definitely need to explore around the estate as there is just so much to experience. Vast lawns,  historic buildings like the homestead and library, gardens like the rose garden and trees that dates back to 1700.

The Rose Terrace is beautiful and you will be captivated with all the floral scents and the rich colours.

When visiting Vergelegen, what you are looking for is a fun day out for the whole family. Vergelegen Stables will provide you with delicious food and the rest of the estate will offer entertainment for the young ones or a historic trip through the origins of the estate.


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