Postcard worthy views – Postcard Café at Stark-Condé

Part of any trip is getting there and getting to today’s stop I get to drive one of my favourite roads, Jonkershoek road. With luscious trees framing the road a sense of enchantment is crated.

The name says it all, this is a café that has views that you think you will only see on a postcard, no photo can really do these views justice. No matter where you look you will have a mountain view accompanied with trees and/or vineyard.

The restaurant is mainly on an outside terrace, but with our fickle weather the terrace can be closed off with glass walls without spoiling the view or ambiance. The restaurant has a simplistic look that would not distract you from the world class view from your table. The décor on the terrace mainly consists of succulent planters and indigenous floral displays that complement the surroundings.

The menu for breakfast or lunch is not extensive but there should be something for everyone.
I had the vegetarian quiche of the day that consisted of mushrooms, onion, cheese and asparagus, which was a lovely light combination served with a side salad.

I can just sit here with coffee staring at this view for hours, it is truly mesmerizing.


There was also a lovely display of cakes that I saw after lunch and I wished I had some room left for something sweet. So, if you ever visit keep dessert in mind.

After lunch I had a lovely walk in the garden that everyone would enjoy.

You cannot miss their signature red tuk-tuk parked on the green lawn, which always brings a smile to my face.

On the dam used to be a wine deck, but it is being revamped at this moment, so I will certainly return to do a wine tasting of the Stark-Condé wines once they have reopened. This will definitely satisfy any Instagram user with a post-worthy backdrop.

When visiting Stark-Condé’s Postcard Café, what you are looking for is a mesmerising view that will make you forget you have a care in the world that you can enjoy with the family or friends.

1 thought on “Postcard worthy views – Postcard Café at Stark-Condé

  1. Cristelle Van Zyl November 4, 2018 — 11:12 am

    Sitting here enjoying the view at Potcard Cafe. Just what we were looking for! Thank you for the recommendation!

    Liked by 1 person

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