Picturesque Deli to enjoy with friends – Tokara Part 1

As you take a leisurely drive out on the Helshoogte Road from Stellenbosch you will soon approach the Tokara Wine Estate.

This estate offers a variety of things to do and see so I decided that I need to cover this in more than one post.

Post 1 will cover the glass framed deli on the Tokara Estate; Delicatessen.
A delicatessen (Deli) is described as an establishment that sells a selection of fine, unusual or foreign prepared foods (“delicacies”).
I find this as a name so appropriate as the food you will find is delectable, home-made delicacies and in the logo you will see a little cat like symbol.

As you enter the Deli and shop you find relief in the air-conditioning as you escape the scorching summer.

A lot of people are afraid that being inside will take away from the beautiful views and back drops that the mountainous winelands provide, this is not the case at Delicatessen. The Deli has glass walls that will offer you picturesque views without compromising on the luxury of temperature control. The interior is also mainly white (or light of colour) that enhances the sense of unobstructed space.

Of course, I need to start with coffee, and my Latte alone was an absolute winner to the extent that I needed to order another one. The menu is not the largest, but it will deliver whether you go for breakfast or lunch.

I am here for lunch today, a lovely full summer Friday afternoon. The lunch menu mainly consists of a few starters, mains, side dishes, pizzas and all-day platters. I decided on the artisanal Deli Burger, that consisted of their home-made beef patty with bacon (everything is better with bacon) mushrooms, onion, avocado, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato salsa and Parmesan mayo, all of this is served on a fresh brioche bun with a side of hand cut Parmesan fries. (this is the reason my burger resembled a leaning tower, it was stuffed with delicious goodness)

However, if you are stopping by for breakfast from prior experience I can recommend their eggs Benedict. You will be in for a treat as their twist on the normal breakfast favourite is just one step above the rest. The normal English muffin is replaced by a corn fritter that just elevates this to a new level.

This is not the first time I have visited Delicatessen, nor will it be my last, and I must comment on the friendly staff and exceptional service I receive time and time again.

In the garden there is child friendly spaces for the little ones to play and entertain themselves.

Complementing the beautiful garden artworks are displayed that are quirky and whimsical and if you have a look in the tree you will find a nest that is just perfect for those Instagram moments.

When you come to Tokara’s Delicatessen what you are looking for is a family friendly deli that still feels elegant with stunning views and exceptional food all topped with contemporary art pieces.

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